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Volunteers to: clean

                         ride horses


                         walk animals with halter



                         help with website

                         help with fundraisers


All types of Feed!

      Dog food

      Horse feed

      Senior horse feed

Work truck     

manure spreader and or grinder

small tractor

new merchandise, memberships and service vouchers for fundraisers

money to buy food and supplies

horse  pasture feeder and  water trough

lumber and building supplies to build dog houses, pig house, chicken roost and lay boxes, pigeon house etc

horse corral fencing

small animal fencing for goats, sheep, alpaca, pot-bellied pigs

trailer for hired hand (1-2 rooms in great condition)  No hired hand yet

horse trailer

livestock trailer

dog houses for large dogs

2 sheds  (tack and feed)

pond and filter for turtles

2-3 pasture feeders for horses

roof for birds

shaders for horses and smaller ones for sheep, goats and alpaca

2 barn sheds for tack and small classroom

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