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Support Us

Get Involved

Our needs are many!

Financial Donations


Volunteers to work at the Sanctuary

Donations in Kind - Equipment, Feed, etc.


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

Volunteer to Work 
at the Sanctuary

We desperately need volunteers to:


Ride horses

Feed the animals

Walk animals with halter



Help Plan Fundraisers

Write Grants

Pick up feed and supplies


Donate Money:
The cost of feeding and caring for our animals is over $80,000 a year.  

Food alone costs $6000 a month

Vet Bills for 160 animals can run tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Mail checks to:
Cambria Sanctuary

4422 Hubbard Rd.

Acton, CA  93510

In Kind Donations

All types of Feed!
(You can even purchase feed from
Fox Feed to be donated to the Cambria Animal Sanctuary by calling 661/269-5962!)

      Senior horse feed
       Mazuri Chinchilla Feed
      Mazuri Water fowl feed

      Mazuri Elder Pot-belly pig feed

      Mazuri Guinea Pig feed

      Bails of Teff Hay

      A & M (Alfalfa and Molasses)

Work truck   

Manure spreader and or grinder

New merchandise, memberships and service     vouchers for fundraisers

Horse  pasture feeder and  water trough

Lumber and building supplies to build dog       houses, pig house, chicken roost and lay     boxes, pigeon house etc

Horse corral fencing

Small animal fencing for pigs, goats, etc.

Trailer for hired hand 

Horse trailer

Livestock trailer

Dog houses for large dogs

2 sheds  (tack and feed)

Pond and filter for turtles

2-3 pasture feeders for horses

Roof for birds

Shaders for horses

Smaller shaders for sheep, goats and alpaca

2 barn sheds for tack and small classroom

8 batteries for Taylor Dunn Electric Utility 


TRADER JOE's Gift Cards (used for bags of

    small apples, small carrots, green 

    peppers and holistic cat food)
SAM'S CLUB Gift Cards - used for:
      Manna Pro Senior Horse Feed
      Manna Pro Mini Pig Feed
      Manna Pro Multi Species Sweet Feed
      Chicken Feed Lay Crumbles

      Kirkland Canned Dog food
      Large packs of Romaine lettuce
      Large packs of Large whole carrots

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